Sunshine Coast, BC December 2019

For December, there were 32 sales of detached homes. That’s more than twice the 14 sales noted in December of 2018 and the 4th month in a row the monthly total is more than last year. As for the year, we started off well behind 2018, but steadily improved. By year’s end, we reached 502 sales of detached homes - close to the 514 sales in 2018. However, the Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – dropped 2.3% to $574,600. That’s the largest downward move in recent months. It’s unclear if this signals lower prices are on the way, or if it’s just a seasonal anomaly. With land, there were 78 sales, well off 2018’s total of 127. That said, in spite of the lower sales totals, land prices appear to be unchanged. Condo and apartment sales showed remarkable consistency. There were 138 sales last year, which is virtually identical to the 139 sales in 2018. And while we’ve seen lower prices in detached housing, prices of attached housing appear to be holding steady.