Sunshine Coast, BC October 2019

There were 52 sales of detached homes. That’s a slight improvement over September and also up from October of 2018. While the last year and a half has seen a steady decline in activity, this marks the 2nd month in a row where the sales total is up from last year. The YTD total is 423, down 10% from the 470 sales in 2018. Yet, the Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – rose .6% to $598,300. These small ups and downs in sales and prices indicate a balanced market. With land, there were 5 sales in October, exactly the same as September. However, the year-to date sales of 64 represent a drop of almost 50% from last year. Still, prices for land appear to be unchanged. For condo’s and apartments, the October sales dropped to 8 from 12 in September. The YTD total of 120 is also off from last year’s total of 135. This is the first time in months that there’s been a measurable drop in sales in attached housing. As with detached and land, prices remain stable.