Sunshine Coast, BC March 2019

There were 38 sales of detached homes. That’s similar to February’s total of 36, but down 14% from the 44 sales in March of last year. This marks the 11th month out of the last 12 where the monthly sales total is less than the corresponding month from the year before. The Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – remains at just over $600,000, which is right where it’s been for the past 6 months or so. This confirms our prediction at the start of the year that prices would hold steady over the short term. We will be watching the listing supply and the effect this could have on prices as we get further into our Spring market. With land, there were just 3 sales in March, down from the 14 sales noted in March of 2018. The YTD sales are also down – just 18 so far this year compared to 41 this time last year. Land prices also appear to be unchanged. As for apartments and condo’s, there have been 33 sales so far this year, against 41 last year - a 20% decrease in sales. However, as with detached and land, prices appear to be stable. If you’re thinking of selling, our message is the same: there hasn’t been a better time to sell.  Are you curious about the value of your property? Call Us FIRST!