Sunshine Coast, BC February 2019

There were 36 sales of detached homes. That’s not only up from January’s total of 19, it’s also up slightly from February of last year. This is significant because it’s the first time in 11 months the monthly sales total has been more than the corresponding month from the year before. The Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – increased slightly to $603,700. In reviewing the past 6 months, there have been just as many ups as downs in the Benchmark Price, but it hasn’t really moved much off of the $600,000 range. We think this is what we can expect moving forward, at least until we see what the Spring market brings. With land, there have been 13 sales so far this year. That’s well off of the 27 sales this time last year. Land prices also appear to be unchanged. There have been 20 sales of apartments and condo’s so far this year, similar activity to this time last year. Benchmark price is not available for the attached market, but we feel prices are up at least 5% in the past year. If you have property to sell, here’s the good news: prices are still near all time highs and we’ve had an increase in calls lately.