September 2018

The sales statistics for September are in!

37 detached homes were sold in the month of September, which is down 31% from August 2018, and down 39% from September 2017. This marks the 8th month in a row where the sales per month have been less then the corresponding month last year. The benchmark price, the price of an average home in an average area, has also decreased by 2.8% bringing it down to $600,300. This is the 4th consecutive month that this has dropped. Total sales for condo's and apartments for both August and September 2018 were 8, well off the mark for the 15 total sales in September 2017. To date we have seen 106 sales this year versus 153 this time last year. These numbers confirm that we are seeing slower sales and more price adjustments. We are still showing and selling homes, and prices are still near all time highs.